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infrared glasses for poker are a well-known cheating tool in poker. infrared glasses for poker for poker are simple to use and permit you to see the ink marks on the cards. They are also discreet and cost-effective. They also provide a fantastic method for both players and staff to observe the markings on cards.

Infrared contact lenses and Marked Card Glasses

Infrared contact lenses provide an affordable and reliable method to read the labels on cards. They can detect even the tiniest card marks and can also identify crucial information such as suit, number, or rank.

They can also be used as magical tricks. They can be used to identify invisible ink marks on sides of the poker cards. There are a variety of options available that include circular, transparent and black lenses as well as transparent ones.

They’re easy to wear the duration you like without causing any damage to your eyes. They’re safe for people who have blue eyes.

How do you use Infrared Lenses to play at casinos?

When you first start using infrared contact lenses it is essential to ensure that they’re properly fitted. This is especially important for people who are not used to wearing lenses. If they’re not utilized correctly they could cause harm to your eyes.